Sunday, September 13, 2009

Whooooaaaaaa Nellie.

I love all of the goodies folks are bringing in, fantabulous stuff! Here is the deal, bring stuff in, but please consider shopping as well. I have to put a hold on the goods for just a moment because I am pulling more in than I am putting out, ouch that sounds dirty! I have a few folks that I have told to hold off until October. I really want to take everything right now, but so many of the things have been really great which costs me a lot of cash. Continue telling your friends and family to stop by. The more traffic, the more I sell, the more I can buy! Get it???? Look for my little guys to be working the homecoming parade here in Glenwood. I am hiring them to hand out coupons for the shop. I am paying them each a soda pop. That is a HUGE deal because I do not believe anyone under the age of 18 needs a soda in their life. Anyway, they will be handing out 10% off an entire purchase coupons. If you read and keep up with the blog you can mention the coupon to me, and I will honor it. Thanks for your support, Second Helpings Rules and so do the Huskers, tis the season!