Friday, September 24, 2010

Now Taking...

I offer store credit for pre~loved clothing. You will recieve 30% of retail in your credit account for your gently used clothing items. Make sure they are clean, stain & tear free. Buttons and zippers need to be in tact. I am looking for the following for Fall & Winter:

Boys ~ Shirts: 18 mo., 3 years, & 8 years and up.
Pants/Jeans: 7 years and up.
Outerwear: 3 years and up. Including Coats, SnowPants, Gloves, Hats, etc.
Snowboots in all sizes.

Girls ~ Shirts: 18 mo., 6 years and up.
Pants/Jeans: 7 and up.
Dresses & Skirts: 12 mo. and up.
Outerwear: 12 mo. and up. Including Coats, SnowPants, Gloves, Hats, etc.
Snowboots in all sizes.

Maternity in all sizes.

Continue to touch base with the blog for acceptable items so there is not disappointment if I cannot take something. I would love to have more storage space, but right now, I do not have much to work with.

I always want to extend my gratitude towards my customers for all of your loyalty and support. Word of mouth is my best form of advertising, so keep spreading the good word!!!!

Visit the store for some spirit gear before the Homecoming parade!!! Silly bands flew out of here so the boys and I ordered some more, they were a big part of choosing the designs.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Currently Taking

Currently I will accept: Winter Coats, Hats, Gloves, Boots, Snowpants & Christmas Clothing. I am fully stocked with backstock of all other garments! Keep checking back to see when I will be accepting other items! Thanks ~ Steph

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Fall aka Football Season!

Fall is my favorite time of year ~ it means my boys in red are back and ready to rumble! In honor of my favorite team, I am offering 10% off any item that is red or has red on it!!!!!

I have many great Fall items for sale. If you have not stocked your children's closets for Fall, consider starting here at Second Helpings and supplementing with more expensive Department Store finds. I was listening to some friends talk about their back to school shopping sprees and one gal pal was saying she got Gap Jeans 2 for 1 ~ costing only $29. My other gal pal simply replied, "I got Gap jeans for my kids at Steph's shop for $5 a piece." Bam!!!! I may not always have the sizes that you are looking for; keep in mind, items come in regularly so check back. In addition, I do have some backstock, so ask if you are not finding what you are looking for.

I have not put out my winter coats and snowpants, I do have them, so if you are an early bird, let me know and I can let you take a peek.

For those of you with a bun in the oven, I have a wonderful selection of maternity clothing.

New purses, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, & candles arrive weekly. I have also placed an order for some fashion forward hats! Tutus, floral headbands, and floral hats will also be arriving in the next week. Oh happy Day!!!

Thanks and more thanks for supporting my business! You make it work.