Thursday, June 19, 2014

A re-purpose artist's pre-sale thoughts

This is my nervous time... I have the trailer loaded down with double + stuff to sell. I am slowly going through my pre-sale "to do" checklist. My stomach is in knots. I wait for my Junk Hunk to get home from his day's work only to turn around and work for me -  trailer driver, unloader, cheerleader, a few of the hats he wears. It is a very emotional time. I told my kids "say a little prayer that all goes well this weekend at my sale." My son's response was, "do you just want to make a lot of money mom?"  My thought provoked response was something like this....  I am extraordinarily lucky to do what I love day in and day out; however people loving and purchasing my work is the validation that what I do is a job and not a hobby.  An artist's work is emotional, we may see a completed piece and think it is priceless, and have to wrap our heads around the fact that someone else may see it as worthless. Thick skin is imperative in this!!!! My goal is to add more shows to my resume, time becomes the battle! Oh, and having to round up transportation for each show.   So far, I have had great people that have "loaned" me trailers. Payment comes in all forms...a steak dinner, a bottle of Captain, or a Benjamin. I am going to take these next few days in and enjoy the ride, I love the heat and this is an outdoor show, I love people watching, and the eclectic shoppers have never let me down!! Fingers crossed my stock goes way down, I can contribute to my family's financial well being, and I come home to an empty garage and get to start with a fresh palette.