Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Door Closes ~ Another Opens

I am thrilled to announce that Second Helpings is heading in a new and exciting direction. My passion has always been to take what is going on creatively in this crazy mind and apply it. "Junking" is in my blood, I had 2 lovely Aunties that took me under their wings and showed me the fine art of finding hidden treasures in unexpected locations. I like to use everyday items and repurpose them in unusual ways. What may have been a coffee cup holder is now a jewelry display, only after a little paint, stain, and TLC. Unlimited possibilities exist with this new avenue. Junk piles are never ending. Take a good look around your home and decide what you want Second Helpings to help you recreate. I have starting an Etsy shop and fully intend on having a website within the year. Take a look at what is available right now: I also wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of my favorite pieces that I played with and found a delightful resolution. This particular dresser was found in a dumpster on a driveway. Yes, I pulled a redneck dumpster dive and for this, the little girl's cottage chic room thanks me.