Monday, June 22, 2009


Calgon take me away!!!! Each day creeps up on me. I am setting a tentative soft opening date of August the 18th. I will give up the address next week. I have had a couple of people ask if this will be children's clothing only and the answer is yes, sort of. I may throw a couple of adult things in here and there, but I really want to focus on the kids! Also, it will be located in Glenwood on the square. Remember, this is not too far from Omaha. Have wheels, will travel. I will be willing to pay 30% of what I sell the items for at retail. For example, if you should bring in some awesome high quality clothing worn by your little one and I sell it all for $100 within the store, I will write you a check for $30. This is a no hassle way to do business. I am planning on Mondays as a shop day for me. If you cannot make it to the store, I may come to your home to pick items up. Think about that one folks!
Anyway, here is the latest: I have an awesome friend that helped me buy my computer and software systems online. He saved me a load of cash, keeping me under my budget (I like this), and he helped teach me a couple of things, God knows that this brain needs all of the help it can get. I sign the lease next week and Glenwood State Bank gave me the thumbs up for backing. Next order of business, a sign and logo. Thanks for all the well wishes, pack your boxes full of clothes. I will start taking them about 2 weeks prior to opening!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome to the Second Helpings Boutique Blog Spot

Hey All, A quick hello to let you know that I am just starting to get this crazy idea of a business started. Rather than a website, I am going to run a blog. Within the blog, I will keep you all posted of important information and dates.

What is Second Helpings Boutique? This is my new little adventure at retail for children, the cache' is that it will be gently loved clothing that has been worn by some adorable little person prior to coming to my store. I will pay for these lovely items right when a customer brings them to me. I will have high expectations but not high prices.

I do have a tentative location; however, the lease will not be signed until July 1st. I am waiting on my licenses for the State of Iowa.

How can you all help make this business a success? Start saving your lovely clothing and consider bringing it to me. In addition, spread the word!!!! Glenwood is just a hop, skip, and jump away from Omaha. To all of my Glenwood friends, which there are not a lot right now, take it to the town folks and let it roll. I am counting on your tongues to be a wagging!

Opening will be late August prior to the start of school. Any questions, feel free to post.