Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Holy Heck, Grand Opening Tomorrow

Everybody, just a reminder, our Grand Opening is tomorrow. Coffee and snacks will be at 9:30, along with a ribbon cutting with the Chamber. Would love to have visitors. Today, I was actually was busy enough not to get everything done for tomorrow. I will be making a late night visit to the shop to tidy up and re-stock. Imagine that, re-stock after only a week of patrons! I also have a goodie basket and gift certificate up for grabs, just sign up to win! I am still on hold for items, unless you have sizes 5-8 in boys or girls. Until then, I have a list started and I will go down the list on a first come, first serve basis! Love to all.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am Full!

Come one, come all and shop until you drop. I am currently on hold for taking clothing items. I am full and my backroom is full. Once you all come in and shop, I will be able to move backstock out and start taking more items. I am making a list of those folks that would like to sell clothing to me and I will call from the list on a first come, first serve basis. Remember, the Grand Opening is next Thursday at 9:30. There will be goodies to eat, and a prize drawing for a Gift Certificate!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I had my first unofficial day and it was a great success! I have not advertised and I still had dedicated shoppers! I thought the soft opening would give me the opportunity to iron out some kinks! I will admit there were a few! I am a creative thinker, not a technological thinker so a couple of minor issues with the computer through me into a frenzy. I made it through, thanks to some help from my IT friend Bill and the patience of my customers that I was not able to hand a receipt to because my printer was giving me grief. Who knew you had to set certain printers to default. Why they cannot do what I need them to with just the click of a mouse, is beyond me. Some computer guru needs to come up with computers that read minds and do what they are supposed to no matter how learning disabled the user is! Currently, I am popping at the seams with products. I am actually going to have to start turning away the goods until I can get some of this product out of here. It does not mean that I won't take them at a later date, I just have limited storage and backstock space. My poor living room is currently full of backstock. If you know me, I like a tidy space so the fact that my floor is full of tubs of clothing is making me crazy! Come on in and buy some goodies, then I can take more goodies off your hands! Grand Opening continues to be next Thursday the 27th at 9:30. Come one, come all!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Sleep Really So Important?

I think I have had a total of about 9 hours sleep this entire past week, and I do not see that the future holds many more z's. I am busy, busy, busy getting the loads of clothing items tagged, priced, and merchandised. It is going to be a tight squeeze, but I figure shoppers want to shop for items ~not enjoy the vast amount of space a store can offer. I am going to pack the racks full and keep open space to a minimum, so suck it in folks. I have a couple of gal pals that have put in many hours, helping me tag, size, and keep me company. Thanks Jenny and Brooke, you girls rock! In addition, my friend Eric hung and moved heavy furniture. I appreciate your manliness, my friend. My mom was also kind enough to bag jammies and put little outfits together. I believe she also peeked at the girlie clothing in a longing sort of way. She adores her grandsons, but the hope of having a granddaughter to clothe is still in her heart. She is going to have to put that order in with Jim. My gut instinct is that she will have a great granddaughter by Hank or Sawyer before that one happens. I actually have a phone number now ~ 712.527.7183. Important dates: August 18th, soft opening. August 27th - Grand Opening. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Around the Corner!

SHHHHHHH! Soft opening is on August 18th. This gives me an opportunity to open the doors without the pressure for one week. Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting is August 27th. Anyone is invited. My doors are bursting at the seams with goodies. I have some fantabulous stuff. I have an abundance of girls and boys 2-3T goodies, so those with little ones in that particular size, you will have more than enough to look at and buy!!!!!! In addition, to all of the lovely clothing coming in. We have the store looking quite gorgeous! I refinished a cabinet that should be paid homage to each time you walk in. I love it. Craiger suggested putting a price tag on it and selling it. He is silly, that boy, I would kick someone's bootie if they wanted it because I would have to find the perfect replacement and I am quite sure that it is just not possible. Keep checking back with the blog, thanks for your support!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hangers, Hangers, and More Hangers

We are trying to wrap up the remodel. Our faithful crew has laid the floor, done the required electrical work, and built the dressing room. They are making the cash register stand at home and bringing it in this week. At least I hope so, because I have to shabby chic it!!!! In the mean time, Craig's List has come in handy to purchase some furniture. I have the most incredible cabinet in my posession, I have finished chicking 3 sides, once we move it, I will finish the fourth. It is full of color and attitude, much like myself. I have gone through over a 1,000 hangers and have to purchase more. I believe this to be a good thing because the store will be fully stocked when we open and I will have a good supply of backstock to refill. It has been sooooo much fun opening the boxes to see what sort of treasures await. Of course, I am especially drawn to the girlie girl stuff since I get to buy my fair share of masculine clothing. I have many books, keep in mind that rather than sell books, I will operate a trade system. You bring in a book, and you can take one of mine, so the kiddos that wait while parents shop have some fun books to read and look at.

This week my niece, Abbey, is staying with us to help me out with the shop, or the boys. We intend on hitting a few thrift stores to find some decorations to fill in the gaps. She has an eye for fashion as well. I imagine we will also fit in a pedi so we can relieve our stress from all of that shopping.

Friends and family continue to be very supportive, if I haven't said thank-you, consider this a huge shout out!

Remember, August 27th is the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting at 9:30 am. I would love to see some familiar faces. We will have some goodies to munch on and a shop full of clothes to buy. I will also have a couple of drawings for some lovely prizes.