Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Out of Touch!

My apologies! I have been out of touch with my blog! I read so many and always find inspiration! It is time to get my blog on again!

Do you have a happy spot in your world?  Those spots come in many forms, mine just happens to be a filthy garage floor. What the???? Yes, a filthy garage floor. This makes more sense if you know that is the place that I get to let my creativity free flow.  It is where brush, hands, paint, canvas (furniture, rusty buckets, old doors, etc.) & soul come together! I put on my bibs and add flavor with some tunes. At times I am so involved with my creation, that I about come out of my skin if someone pops by. It is "my" time to let my brain either relax or solve the world's problems. To be present and help mold what one deemed as trash worthy into a piece I can sell at a show fills my cup up!

The point of my rant is to show you that the term "trash to treasure" is truly in the eye of the beholder.  A filthy garage is my treasure, my happy spot. Those spots vary for everyone and the rest of us need to withhold judgement. Many of those "spots" may seem perplexing to an outsider, but it is a cup filler for the one engaged. A 13.6 mile run could potentially remove the stressors of work, marriage, parenting, etc. for one, but create anxiety in another. Remember to open your mind, you may be lead to a path you never would have considered and it just may bring on a calm that dulls a storm.

hakuna matata