Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Caldwell Vs. Sloan

Prior to buying CeCe Caldwell paint, I tried to find some comparisons and could not find too many.  I went ahead to make the purchase and I thought I would do my own little review.  I have used ASCP for all of my furniture except my latest piece.  It's not that Sloan made my unhappy, I just thought for color's sake, I would try Caldwell.  It is nice to have an additional palette to work with.  Sloan's paint has always rocked my world.  It goes on with ease, over any material: wood, metal, plastic, laminate, etc.  The second coat is goes on with a little more umph, due to the thickness of the paint.  It sands beautifully, and the smooth finish is perfection.  I love Annie Sloan, the negative, not as many vibrant colors to choose from and it is expensive for a small can of paint.

I was thrilled to see CeCe's color palette, so many bright colors to choose from.  Love the eco friendly packaging and it is a smidge (barely there) cheaper than Sloan.  It goes on thinner so each consecutive coat is easy to cover the first, that being said, it took me 4 coats vs. 2 that Annie's usually takes me.  I am not sold on CeCe's for this very reason, the first coat appeared almost transluscent which took me aback.  I was painting laminate, but have used Annie for laminate as well.  I am not counting Caldwell out just yet, it may have been the color I chose.  I have 2 more colors to give a go to see if there is any difference.  Fingers crossed, I would love to be a loyalist, but I have a pretty open mind, especially if we have comparable products with more colors to choose from!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Junk Stock Rules

Sooooo, I had the opportunity to participate in the virgin Junkstock fesitivities.  What a kick.  Basically, it was an art fair for those of us that find "junk" as refreshing as a new pair of good jeans.  It was a 3 day ordeal that was crazy on day 1 ~ a double edged sword of sorts ~ I did so well moving my junque day 1 that I had to raid the cupboards per say for day 2.  What does that mean, I took goodies from my house to help stock up.  Of course I did not take my fav's but I did take some items that I have held near and dear.  The way I looked at it was that if I take this item to sell, I will need to replace it, OPPORTUNITY TO SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All or most all of my items were replaced.  The beauty of junkstock's success..... looks to bring on another come fall.