Monday, June 24, 2013

Junkstock ~ Summer 2013

Junkstock is the crème de la crème of Junk revival in the Omaha metro area.  It is the reward or light at the end of the tunnel for my hard work.  Junk has made a comeback and it shows by the amount of people that attend the festivities.  Last summer for its virgin tour, JS had about 6,000 people go through, we don't have final numbers but my best guess is well over 10,000 patrons.  Amazing turn out means bigger dollars for the bank account.  (In my case, it means a new pair of running shoes and some new clothes).  The event is something that is really indescribable, one has to actually set foot onto the barnyard to get the experience in full.  It is the quaintest of venues and the people are as eclectic as can be.  Vendors range from Antique Stores under canopies to Jewelry Designers to similar artisans like me.

When we arrived for set up, we had 2 full cars (one being a Yukon XL) and a trailer, FULL.  We left with 1/4 of a trailer.  We unload and set up, the art of display helps draw the customer in, so I find myself in a constant state of rearranging as items go.  I always have a couple of "pieces" that I am anxious to see that they are taken and loved on.  The 3 that I had in mind went.  Each left on a different day with a different loving family.  My first sale on Friday was a lovely lampshade that I handcrafted out of an old burlap sack.  The customer left it for pick up later in the day, I could have sold it 30 more times.  Wild!  I was not even sure it would go at all. 

Part of the fun, includes the fabulous food vendors and hillbilly music.  I had the BELT (Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, & Tomato) sandwich 2 of the days.  The wait was up to 40 minutes for one of these tasties, well worth it!  I partner with my neighbor for the sale, so we relieve one another for the food breaks, amongst other kinds of breaks if you know what I mean.

Arrival home, means unpacking what is left and renegotiating the game plan for the fall sale.  My wheels are already turning.  I can hardly wait!  See ya'll in the Fall!

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