Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Time Out" with Style

One of my friends asked me to make a "time out" chair for her grandson.  This was not her idea, rather her kids.  She says that her grandchildren are not worthy of a time out so they will never use the chair.  As  a   compromise, let's make the chair REALLY CUTE and it becomes a decoration.  Right???  She gave me a photo for some inspiration, I asked her about the colors of her living space, ta da ~ Refabulized.  Take a look at the adorable saying that the chair has painted on the seat.  I posted this photo on facebook, now I will be making more!!!  Hope these folks can spare a chair, I certainly don't have chairs lying around! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Buffet Betterment

So this is my first huge piece for a customer and I feel pretty great about the result. The true test is whether or not she feels the same.  This was a typical blonde buffet.  We have all seen one at someone's house.  There remains the problem.  Who wants the buffet that someone out there has as well.  Here is where Second Helpings comes in and works magic.  With some tender loving care and a little imagination ~ Wa La!  Here she is in the before and after.  Three gorgeous warm colors which should suit the little hearth room to perfection.  REFABULIZED!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

From Swap to Stupendous!

Who doesn't like a little extra storage in their world. Unfortunatley, I can never have enough storage. In addition, with a little OCD running through my blood, I like storage to be labeled. I do this with my handy dandy label maker. For my latest venture, I found this little (ok, more medium sized) find on our local swap shop. I used my Annie Sloan to pretty it up and I must say she came with much charm. Love this!!!! Here is a quick before (ugh!) and after (awwwww!).
I am sooooo enjoying my new role with Second Helpings. I certainly miss my customer base, as they were the BEST. However, the flexibility and creativity that I surround myself with day in and day out trumps 13 N. Vine St. In addition, I am keeping busy. I am booked out for some time. I have a "time out" chair to look forward to, a few bedroom sets, yes, I said sets, not just a dresser, but the whole kitten kaboodle. I will continue to post photos, it is fun to see what can be done! Happy Day!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Don't Hate Me Because I am Ugly"

So I was watching the Today show this morning and they were talking about this gal that wrote an article about herself. You may ask why would that be unusual? Her article centered around the fact that she is sooooooooo beautiful, other women hate her and don't want to be friends with her. I just found that very entertaining. I am not going to judge her beauty, as really it makes no difference to me one way or another, as for hating her, I rarely hate anyone and especially someone I don't even know. What I did gather, is that upon seeing her, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, check out the article here:
My point is this, it can go the other way, especially in my business. People look at things and think they are so ugly that they cannot possibly be loved or cherished. That is where I like to swoop in and re-fabulize it just so it can be beautiful. Remember that shelf that had the country chickens painted upon it???? Why does it need to go to the burn pile? It can be repainted, cut apart, embellished, etc. to become glorious again. Let's not jump to conclusions, let your creativity flow, or if that is not your strong suit, let mine flow for you. I will include a before and after, an ugly duckling to a swan, see what you think.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Second Helpings is Flourishing In Its New Form

Taking the road less traveled with Second Helpings is proving to be eventful. The old cliche rings true to form, "one door closes, another opens." In this case many doors have opened. I fully intended on "refabulizing" all those goodies I have bought off the swap sites and thrift stores. However, customers have monopolized my business, so the goodies sit. This is NOT a complaint, just a stated fact. I have had some incredible finds brought to me to re-purpose in new and crazy ways!!!!! It is so fun to dig and find some inspiration to give the process a kick start. Take a look at this table. A little flower on a piece of fabric made this table into this beauty!
I continue to list my re-creations on my FB page. These little posted photos have shown others what my capabilities are. One of my favorite pieces was this fun painting I did for Miss Katy. She gave me the freedom to create whatever I wanted with no direction. This made me a bit nervous, of course one could go in any direction with complete freedom ~ "Does she want a basketball, flowers, or God forbid a nude?" I mean free reign could propagate any shape or form. I went with my natural love for whimsical Flowers & Birds. Take a looksie at the final result!
Another customer is expecting this summer. She has a passion and love for Hawaii and has decided to decorate baby girl's room with this in mind. I had a couple of old school house chairs that she requested me paint. Some say "ta da" here you go, I say "aloha" here you go:
This is just the beginning. I have created a file with names of interested parties. Excited to pick up a buffet this week. Oh so much fun to think how I will redesign that baby to inspire a new look for the dining area. After that a "time out" chair. I will have to post that one for sure. I mean if you are going to set your little one in time out, you should definitely do it with style! Items are being posted to my etsy shop as I complete them. Continue to check in every so often to see what is new and fresh. Take a look at your own garage sale piles ~ "junque" is my treasure!!!! Click Here to shop: