Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hey all, I have a customer that is looking for a triple stroller. If anyone has one for sale, let me know and I will put you all in contact with one another. Thanks, and keep the requests coming. Reminder: Ribbon Cutting August 27th at 9:30, come on in for goodies, shopping, and conversation!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Painting Almost Complete!

OK folks, the painting is almost complete and I am heading back to painting retirement. The shop looks awesome, but my husband and I are going on very little sleep which makes for interesting personalities around the house! My boys have been troopers hanging out with Scooby while I paint away. They have asked to help; however, my OCD self has declined their offers. I will say a huge shout out to my friend Jenny who showed up to paint after we said no over and over. She was not having no for an answer. She said she would keep asking to help until we accepted. I will say her persistence paid off, as she whipped the rock and read room into shape in no time. I continue to work on inputting inventory, it is making my eyes go cross. I really enjoy shopping on-line, chatting on-line, and facebook, inputting inventory into the computer is not quite as much fun, but a necessary evil. I am now starting to take clothes items. I do not have set hours so if you have some lovely pre-loved clothing, give me a holla and I will make time to check them out and get you some cash. Save the date::::::: Ribbon Cutting is Augut 27th at 9:30 am. The chamber will be there with a photo op and we will have goodies to eat! I hope you can all stop by.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Painting is not for Pansies

Ok folks, I came out of retirement to paint the shop. As many of you know, we like to move on a regular basis so I have spent many an hour painting. After many long hours behind the brush, I chose to go the "hire a professional" route. A much better choice than the "do it yourself." Unfortunately, my business plan budget did not include the "professional painter." The end result will look fantastic. I am going to look at the bright side: Climbing up and down the ladder is like a great set of squats. I get to listen to great music while I am in the shop because there is no other form of entertainment at this point. I get to enjoy the company of my children while I spend at least 1-2 hours during the day. In addition, I have to use my creative juices to come up with activities during that 2 hour window to keep them occupied. Thus far, worksheets (Hank's least favorite), food (Sawyer's most favorite), videos, books, and the Godforsaken DS.

In addition, to making the shop pretty, there is much going on behind the scenes. I am in the process of shopping out credit card merchants. This is a racket!!!!! For every credit card transaction, this middle man gets a small percent of the sale! FYI to my future customers, paying with cash and or check would be greatly appreciated! I am building up stock and have some incredibly cute items. I love shopping for the girlie items because with two little guys at home, this is my girl shopping fix! God did not bless me with a girl, for fear of our bank account going bust! I am also learning this QuickBooks Point of Sale software. I am not a natural. Technology is not my friend. I am trying to talk to it and wine and dine it, but the learning is not easy.

My husband has been a saint, he works long days and still goes to the shop at night to knock out some honey do's. In addition, my parents have been great support. They have been kind enough to hang with my little one's to give them a shop break. Videos and DS only go so far and do not equal a day at the pool or park.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. Keep August 27th on your books. We will be having the ribbon cutting and grand opening at 9:30 that morning. There will be some goodies and photo ops!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Love the Bernards!

Ok, a quick holla to my friends the Bernards. Mr. Bill set up my entire computer system without a blink. He downloaded all kinds of things: software for my POS system, Quick Books, my printer, Microsoft, etc. His lovely wife did not bat an eye at him taking time away from their family to do this. Let me just say, these are friends without expectation. Bill did this willingly. He came over tonight to go over the basics with me, and I can be a student with special needs. This just goes to show that true friends help whenever one needs it. He volunteered his service without me begging or pleading. He helped research products to get me deals. I came in under my computer and software budget because of Bill taking time. This is a man with a 24/7 job of family and fighting fires. I just love this family, they ROCK. I asked to pay him, and they shot me down. Little do they know we owe them BIG because not only did this family help me get my electronic system up and going, they now have to deal with a whiney four year old that intends to marry their five year old. I have to set up a dowry and I am in the red because of all of their help. I do have a large package of beef heading for their door step from Omaha Steaks as a token of my appreciation, but that still does not fulfill the love and gratitude I have in my heart for these people. I can only take the message that a friend in need deserves help in deed, if I can repay the Bernards in any way, they should let me know.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bump in the Road... Flat!

Ok, I met with the zoning officer today and found out that I need to go through some proper channels to get this thing going. I am all about the rules so I took the time to listen to what he had to say and I recieved the appropriate paperwork. Of course, it will be filled out tonight and returned tomorrow. I do NOT like to waste time. I have mixed emotions about the person who I spoke to on the phone yesterday, she was not as positive as the zoning officer. She shall remain nameless because she could be a potential customer, but let's say I imagine I was on the recieving end of a bad day's attitude. Thanks for all of the well wishes! You all rock!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ouch, A Bump In The Road

Ok, this is the deal, I called the city zoning office today to ask about putting an awning above the two windows facing the street, no biggie right???? Not so fast sister. I found out that not only can the awning be an issue, but the store itself may not be allowed. I have to make contact with the zoning officer tomorrow to set the record straight. Apparently, they may not allow such a store on the square here in Glenwood. I was shocked and aghast. I had no idea that this could be an issue. So... those of faith, keep me and my little adventure in your prayers, those not of faith, go hug a tree in honor of Second Helpings tonight. I will keep you all updated. Until tomorrow mornings 7:30 call to the zoning officer, a glass of Shiraz will have to keep my anxiety at bay.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Believe is going to be my mantra for this business adventure. It is official, the lease has been signed and the money deposited. My address will be 13 North Vine, Ste. 1. I am not going to be superstitious of the fact that the address not only contains the number 13, but is the number 13. I Believe that to be my lucky number, at least from this day forward. OK, I have a few folks wanting to bring in their gorgeous pre-loved clothes, this is incredible; however, give me a moment to breathe and organize. My OCD self needs to get into the place and unpack some hangers and steamers. Once I get the stuff in my garage and basement over to the shop and unpack it, I will say to you all, bring in what you have, I am really hoping for some cute size 4 and size 7 boy's clothing for fall.
I am really excited to make the place look spectacular. I have been busy crafting it up until the wee hours of the morning. I cannot just have the norm, I want this place to look like a shopping wonderland. I have my handy dandy contractors Mitch and Lynn working with me and of course I have myhusband slaving away. He is a saint. I will take before and after shots and get them on here for all to see the transformation. Any questions or comments, feel free to post.